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Searching For Koltherian Relationships

Journal Entry: Sun Aug 23, 2015, 9:24 AM

Alright everyone, now that I've made Refs for the Babs (At least temp refs), I can finally look for more relations.

I am looking for FAMILY, FRIENDS, AND MATES* for my Kolths. 
*Unless stated otherwise

I am open for rp's most the time as long as I'm in the mood or not busy AF lol.
But I'd rather expand on relationships then just say they happened.
It's easier for me to reply on Skype, or through texting. :)
So just let me know if you are interested in that as well. 
This goes for people that have already expressed interest in the past too!



Squash - DTA Tryout by KeptinKeem
Info: Squash is a very social and friendly Kolth. He's very smart and currently works as an R&D Tech while interning around with other companies. So he does travel a lot and is open to meeting new Kolths in just about any location. He keeps his friends close and always checks up on them. He's a very sweet, all around ham. 
Location: Drovill
SO: Bisexual.

Family: None yet!
Mate: Abstract (Future)
-May be open for past relationships-

New Pending Friendships (So I don't forget): 


Pillow Official Reference Sheet by KeptinKeem
Info: Pillow is an easy going hippie Kolth with a great love for the world and everything around himself. He seems high basically all the time (probably cause he is). He's a famous surfer and is rather well known that way. He enjoys traveling, so again, he's open to meet new Kolths from all over. 
Pillow is usually a casual friend and bounces around from group to group.
He is a huge adrenaline junkie as well.
Location: Whitskar
SO: Pansexual

Family: None Yet!
Mate: Starlette

New Pending Friendships (So I don't forget): Antimony - Luxe - Yanzer - Corona


Koltherian Temp Ref: Aftershock by KeptinKeem
Info: Aftershock is a quiet, critical, and logical Kolther. He doesn't make friends easily as he tends to keep to himself. The best word to describe him would be neutral. He works as a mechanic strictly for expensive cars and other fancy tech. He's skilled and spends most his time focused on his work. It's hard to get him away from it, but he will go out on occasion. 
It's not like he mean he's just rather unresponsive. Jokes go over his head and he doesn't have much of a sense of humor.
Location:  Concoast
SO: Gay

Family: None Yet!
Mate: Soundproof

New Pending Friendships (So I don't forget): Panic - Flux


Koltherian Temp Ref: Kaboom by KeptinKeem
Info: The Infamous Boomer, ah yes. Miss Boomer is street smart fiery ball of trouble. She's appointed herself the leader of a small and rather unintimidating 'gang' of Kolths, which she is A L W A Y S looking for members for. They run around causing all sorts of minor inconveniences for others. She's loud, talkative, snarky and rebellious. However she's also probably one of the most loyal, and courageous Kolths you'll meet. She takes care of her own and spoils her gang-members like crazy. She's motivational in some strange way, and could probably use her powers for good, however she chooses not to. It's much more fun being bad ;D
Location: Metasone
SO: Bisexual (Leaning more towards Males)

Doctor - Older Brother
Moray - Nephew (Younger than him)
Mate: None yet!

New Pending Friendships (So I don't forget): Panic - Slipstream


Koltherian Temp Ref: Skeleton by KeptinKeem
Info: Skeleton is a rather shy and easily persuaded Kolth. So much so that Boomer approached him one day and said 'you're in a gang now', and he was all, 'Okay...'
He's probably the last Kolth you'd expect to take part in such delinquent activities because of his demeanor, But he came to enjoy being apart of a group, and cares for Kaboom so much that he's appointed himself her bodyguard. He works as a freelance artist and a nanny. He loves kids, and has a certain talent with them. He'll be an excellent father. 
He tries to keep his two very different walks of life separate.
Location: Metasone
SO: Demisexual (Leans towards males)

Family: None yet!
Mate:  None Yet!

New Pending Friendships (So I don't forget): Stealth - Panic

Thanks everyone!


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DarkMetaWolf64 Featured By Owner Sep 17, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Hey, do you still do FR commissions? I love your art :'D
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uladat Featured By Owner Sep 16, 2015  Hobbyist Artist
Oh hello, I was wondering if you wanted to possible do a AoSaai art trade someday?
I am on a kick but I wanna like... DO TRADES AND STUFF.
I totally understand if you don't wanna, but I figured I would ask. :heart:
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Octogonizm Featured By Owner Aug 28, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
your art is always so adorable, SLAY ME QUEEN 
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Sinnibelle Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Oh nice person I hope that you have the most wonderful birthday today.
I am sorry I could not make you a gift D:
Would you like a free request OUO

I have a couple art trades i am working on right now but then i can =D
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chrome-domey Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2015  Student General Artist
happy birthday :0!
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